Stafford Castle Golf Club – more than 100 years of golf
The Golf Course land has been in the Stafford family since 1086 and the  Club takes its name from the slightly forlorn ruins that can be seen from the golf course.

The Golf Club was originally formed in 1906 as a 6 hole course, when the membership of the Club was limited to 55 members. The course was extended to 9 holes in 1907 and was financed by increasing potential membership to 80. The following year a Clubhouse was built to provide the obligatory “19th hole”. The landscape of the course was enhanced during the second world war when a Dornier bomber jettisoned a stick of bombs which exploded in the course adjacent to the 7th green, the crater can still be seen today to the left of the second fairway.
The course still bears other reminders of the history of the area, such as the ridge and furrow  land on the 6th fairway.

For over 100 years the Club was ran by the members, led by an elected committee. The Committee comprised of the Captain and Ladies Captains, the Vice Captains and members responsible for the Greens, the Match and Handicap and the Social Committees. In 1977 the Club obtained a bank loan and the extension to the Clubhouse commenced, which enabled the members to hold more social events in the Clubhouse itself for members and guests.

The Club has always had a great camaraderie within its membership and also with other local clubs in the area.The members play monthly medals and board Competitions, Ladies, Gents and Mixed Competitions all add to the general feeling of friendliness within the Club.

Throughout the years the elected Committee managed the Course and Club with the committment to maintain the course to the highest possible standard within budget. However it soon became apparant that the way forward for the Club was to extend to 18 holes and the Committee were charged with finding some ways to finance the development.  In 2004 Luddingtons held a presentation evening where they explained their past experience in building and running golf clubs. Later in the  year the members held an AGM to inform the members of the proposal by Luddingtons to extend the course and build a new clubhouse. The members voted overwhemingly to support the plan and preparations were put into place to formerly dissolve the members owned Club and continue as a commercial Club.

In 2009 Luddingtons took over the running of the Club and commenced the development of the course to 18 holes. The development is on going but in the meantime the company are still investing in the current Club to ensure that the course is maintained to the highest possible standard for the members and visitors to the Club.

All the members are looking forward to playing on a superb 18 hole course which will be  wrapped around the Castle itseld adding a unique feature to the course and protect Castle lands.